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There is no absolute agreement in the definition of the species called Dingoes. There is an opinion that this non-marsupial mammal is a small wolf. However, some specialists insist that it is a true dog (hence, Canis familiaris dingo) for it has some characteristics peculiar to a canine with the only significant difference, that females cycle annually like most of the other wild canids.

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Mating with domestic dogs, such as German Shepherd Dogs, led to drastic results. Such crosses turned out to be extremely aggressive and the authorities had no choice but to prevent the interactions of this kind until recently. Attempts to cross some other dogs with the Dingo to improve the breed were not a great success and contributed to the confusion of names. As the result, one and the same phenomenon is referred to as "Queensland Heeler", "Heeler", "Healer", "Blue and Red Heeler", "Dingo-Dog", or "Australian Cattle Dog". It is a matter of great importance for Dingo lovers to identify a true Dingo. High technologies, such as DNA analysis, skull measurements serve this very purpose. Thus, the Dingo is the subject of profound investigation and great public and government concern.

1993 turned out to be a marking point in the history of this species. From that time on the Australian Dingo has been treated as a recognized breed. No exhibits are to be held. Due to elimination of Dingoes, caused by their aptness to hunt on livestock, there are few animals left outside of zoos. A considerable effort is made to protect Dingoes in the wild and reestablish this species.

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